Dear Patients,

I would really appreciate if you would leave feedback of your consultation with me here. I can run my urologist practice, do my medical best with each on of you during our sessions and explain any treatment or procedure I perform.

What I cannot do, is explain what it feels like coming to my practice from your point of view. Remember the first time you were told or felt the need to see a urologist and what you could find out about urologist consultants including myself. Not a lot.

That is why I am asking you to help new patients to feel better informed about the patient’s experience of coming to my clinic. What concerns did you have prior to your visit? Have I explained your options clearly and was the following treatment or procedure what you have expected? How likely would you recommend my clinic to friends and family members?

If you can provide your feedback here it will help other patients of mine and other urologist. I am very grateful for every experience shared.

Many thanks and always the very best regards,
Anup Sengupta