Urological Publications

You are invited to read some of the research Anup has published. It will give you some insight about his special interest and level of contribution to the advances in urological research and treatment. Anup continues to deepen his knowledge and research all the time. As in all areas of medicine the progress with new technologies has a positive influence on urology as well. Procedures are being refined, new research in the cancer field gives hope to many and improvement in  equipment allows to speed up the diagnostic process.

Long-Term Outcome of Epididymectomy for the Management of Chronic Epididymal Pain


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Need for early imaging in symptomatic suprapubic catheter tracts: Rare case of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of tract origin without bladder involvement

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Changing antibiotic prophulaxis for transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsies: are we putting our patients at risk?

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Professional Bodies 

To stay informed about new research, contribute to forums in general urology and special topics, Anup is an active member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

He also regularly reviews articles published on the American Urological Association.


Patient Support

Anup is always happy to receive your queries and questions on all aspects of urology and related cancer care. He has selected a few links for you that he found informative and supportive to his patients. He is looking to keep this area fresh and up-to-date, so please share any suggestions you might have.

It is important to Anup that his patients feel that there is plenty of information on vasectomies, prostate and bladder issues, cancer support and other urology topics out there. Understanding your particular situation is what Anup is here for, however, he encourages all his patients to gather as much information and support from other sources as they find helpful.

Any urological issues might feel uncomfortable to talk about. By hearing how much is published about your particular topic and how many people have already been affected by it, you might feel more comfortable about any treatment you will receive. You will also be in a better position to ask questions which Anup is happy to address.

The UK government has published some information on prostate cancer risk management. To read the full information, please follow the link and CLICK HERE.

The MacMillan cancer support team has helped many people that are faced with cancer. Whether it is directly or through a relative or friend. The charity operates an information centre in Bury St Edmunds which can be contacted on 01284 713 023.

A charity devoted to prostate cancer alone. Prostate Cancer UK invites you to read more about the topic and join the community to talk about yourself or a loved one and get involved in events across the country. A helpline is in operation with specialist nurses.